HR Lab

HRLab is a not-for-profit association set up in 1980 under the name “Laboratoire d’Entreprises – Ondernemingslabo”.

Our mission is

to create oxygen for HR professionals by sharing HR practices and topics that are relevant to our organisations. These topics may be both strategic and pragmatic, but always up-to-date.

We leverage the rich and diverse experience and network of the members in a trustful environment

Since then, HRLab has become a robust platform, with around 50 member companies from a variety of sectors. We also maintain privileged relations with key stakeholders in the employment sector.

Companies and HR Managers are invited to become members subject to the following principles: the companies make a priority of professional & innovative Human Resources Management and the HR Managers themselves subscribe to the following values: integrity, professionalism, open-mindedness internally, discretion externally.

This ensures that all kinds of topics can be covered in a trust-based atmosphere, based on a desire to share and learn.